We've looked high and we've looked low for the best links.  We're still looking and we update this page every time a really great link surfaces in that swirling maelstrom of confusion dubbed the Internet.  If you have a favorite that we've overlooked, don't hesitate to email it in.  Please understand that many of these links are controversial and powerful interests often manage to get them "off the air" soon after we publish them.  A dead link report is always appreciated. 



1 BuildFreedom No hem, no haw---this is the granddaddy of the Freedom Technology movement.
2 No Tax Academy This site sells courses explaining how to defeat many of the restrictions that government bureaucrats, bankers, and assorted exploiters may put on you.
3 The Great Zoh This tiny woman casts a 10 foot shadow when it comes to broadcasting the malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance she finds in the most unusual places. 
4 We The People Focuses mainly on official repeal of the federal income tax.
5 The Constitution This exhaustively indexed research tool is amazing in its ability to help you follow the over-the-years execution (sometimes perversion) of each paragraph and section.
6 A Letter to Arul You may want to read this from-the-heart archived letter before listening to some tax guru at a seminar and then taking a knife to an IRS gunfight. 
7 Law Dictionaries Ultimately, a fair judge has to decide today what someone else meant then and words are the tools he uses, so you had best know your definitions...
8 American Colonist's Library Are you truly curious what, say, Tom Jefferson really meant when he said something like "We, the People..."?  This site has all the old books and literature.  You could spend years in a university library and not find everything covered in this one website!
9 Lysander Spooner Spooner's essays are posted many places on the Internet.  This particular site gives the most background before delving into his Constitution of No Authority, a document that will forever prevent you from eying the political fraud you live under in the same way.


1 Bob Pike Equipment, books, and supplies for truly modern farming
2 Dr. Dan Skow Winning agriculture for a new millennium
3 Graeme Sait This man's company, Nutri-Tech Solutions, is proving that mainline high-quality biological farming is practical, efficient, and profitable "down under."
4 Charles & Fred Walters' ACRES Stay up to date with "the cutting edge of commercial-scale, soil-friendly farming
technologies, techniques, markets, news, analysis and trends..."
5 ATTRA You want the most exhaustive list of soil-safe amendments?  Here it is---and much more.
6 Circle-One Foliar feeding products used around the world---Africa, Asia, Europe & here and all with one purpose---increase quality.
7 Peaceful Valley  I've often said that the free 120 page catalog put out by these people could serve as a great textbook for teaching high-order biological agriculture.  It's a classic. 
8 Remineralize! We keep accelerating the robbing of the earth (which many call "farming").  It's long past time we accelerated a similar replenishment.


1 Dr. Sniadach It's been so long since most of us experienced True Health Freedom that the very idea sounds like some sort of dangerous "Commie Pinko" conspiracy.
2 Health Holy Grail A brilliant essay which shines like a beacon for those who have decided they truly want to be well all the days of their lives.
3 Urine/Saliva Test Dr. Carey Reams perfected a simple test that can determine one's health status via a few simple chemical tests.  Kahn uses a modification of Reams' work that is helping many people..
4 Laurie Forti Beyond Vegetarianism is a treatise that explains why having a "cold" means you are actually getting well.  That concept is the path many use to finally understand health
5 Vaccination Fraud Would you believe Jenner, the fellow who launched the vaccination fad on the world, bought his "medical degree" by mail for 15?  Believe it. This 1896 speech is enlightening.
6 Vaccination Fraud II Over 100 years later the same answer keeps coming up: vaccines damage children.  If you have or know a kid with autism, check the clinical onset in relation to their vaccinations.
7 Toxemia Explained John Tilden, MD spent 25 years prescribing drugs---grew disgusted with the harm he saw---and then spent 40 more proving that no drugs whatsoever is the real way to go.  
8 Celiac disorder Hold the mayo---no, hold the toast!  If you have gluten intolerance simple bread will cause you unlimited grief.  Diet, not drugs, is the solution.
9 Dr. Skip Snow Does the label "naturopath" sound a bit odd?  It shouldn't, as its practitioners can help you get well without those killing drugs.
10 Soil & Health So few truly understand the irrevocable connection between the health of the soil and the health of those creatures supported by it.  This comprehensive online library of many dozen books does understand.