The Internet is a vast territory with far more than a hundred million users.  Each, it seems has a story to tell---or at least they have interests that they want to explore & share.  In one way or another, most manage to find one or more newsgroups where they can ask questions and state opinions.

Many of these newsgroups have the potential to cause a reader to investigate subjects and concepts they might never have realized existed---except for earnest opinions stated, often innocently, by members in far away places.  

Here's a couple of "for instances..." has numerous members who believe that AIDS is not as powerful government and drug companies have taught us.  Although they are severely criticized when they openly state alternative views, they actually have many doctors supporting fresh viewpoints, such as that HIV is an innocuous virus which tends to show up when abusive lifestyles, plus drug usage, has paved the way to deteriorating health.  It is quite refreshing to discover that many "AIDS" patients are living long and fruitful lives.

Similarly, Free World Order has members who candidly insist that hardly one police officer in a hundred have their papers in sufficiently proper order to summon *any* roadside traveler to court.  Those who don't want to be fleeced by a system that has evolved into a governmental money-making machine adopt a respectful attitude that the uniformed person asking for "your papers, please" may just be a rent-a-cop.  Their tool of choice is a PSQ (Public Service Questionnaire), which falls exactly in line with Supreme Court rulings which grant citizens full authority to demand to be 100% sure of the identify of anyone asking us questions or even to see our "identification."

Do you believe it's mandatory to pay taxes?  Many Tea Party members have researched that thought and arrived at a different conclusion.  They openly admit that one *can* pay taxes (in order to belong to the taxpayer class), but they earnestly teach that one doesn't *have* to pay taxes.  This is not to say that the IRS won't attack anyone who "chooses" to avoid taxes, but this newsgroup clearly focuses on the voluntary nature of our tax system.  A few days of reviewing their email posts will give you dozens of website leads to information that may forever change your thoughts about taxation.   

Are you one of those persons who become frustrated when events, particularly public events such as court rulings, have an outcome that defies common sense?  Subscribe to ICE (Investigating Curious Evidence) and you'll start making connections that might have forever eluded you.

Have you consciously or subconsciously accepted that you must live and die by the modern American medical model?  If so, you can find many online doctors and drug companies only too glad to assist you out of here.  If not, you may want to sign up with such as the eGroup that discusses the safe home removal of gallstones (and liverstones).  From an almost magical lowering of blood cholesterol to instant relief from back pain, these people tell it all.

Those of you who have traditionally gained your world viewpoint through media (newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio) are in for some true surprises as you realize that much we have been taught "...just ain't so."   The following arrogant quote may impress you with how important it is that you go out and search for truth untainted by media powers: "Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have." - Richard Salant, former President of CBS News 

Do explore newsgroups.  You'll discover concepts that your imagination could hardly have dreamed up. Currently, there are estimates that well upwards of a half million public newsgroup are running.  For instance, you can go to and search on your favorite subject.  Few come away disappointed.