Is it reasonable to expect children to grow up “straight and strong” while giving them pure junk to eat? Dr. Weston Price, an emminent Cleveland dentist, toured the world just before WWII and took thousands of “full mouth” photographs that can cause people to gasp even today. These pictures clearly show that people fed highly-mineralized native foods had perfect mouth arches and almost non-existent tooth decay.
Examine these photos and then make a mental comparison to the kids you see around you. Any dentist will tell you that if the dental arch does not “fill out,” then there will be no room for the wisdom teeth. Further, they will tell you that “braces” are simply artificial means to to adjust the bone structure so as to allow room to straighten the teeth.

Dr. Price was not the only seeker of dietary truth. Dr. Francis Pottenter, Jr. ran an adrenal-extract assay service using cats with their adrenals removed (they can’t live without adrenaline). Anyway, it became more and more obvious that the cats being fed cooked food were suffering. His book, which reported that cooked-food cats were not only deformed, but couldn’t reproduce after 3 generations is a classic. Pottenger’s Cats deserves a place on the bookshelf of the caring family right alongside Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

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